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Excerpts from My Fractal Journal

March, 2002

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Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

I am still learning my craft here, hence the many images.
My newest images are at the top of the page.

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  Stylized Garden   Whipped Cream   Blue Study 3   Blue Study 2   Summer Storm
  Over the Moon   Spiral in Pink   What Lies Beneath   Blue Disk   Blue Portal
  Colored Glass   Glass Rose   Falling Away   Frills   Untitled
  In the Sand   Red Spiral   Study in Texture   Light in the Forest   Tangle
  Ovate   Hourglass Figure   Chips Detail   Chips   Pastel Light 2
  Trapezoidal Detail   Trapezoidal   Pastel Light 1   Untitled   Watershed
  Sand Prints   Noctern   Untitled   Untitled   Framed 1
  Variations 10   Variations 7   Dueling Spirals 3   Dueling Spirals 2   Fleur
  Taking Some Rays   Texture Study 3   Twist   Untitled   Untitled
  Untitled   Untitled   Untitled   Myospiral 12   Myospiral 4
  After the Art Show   Untitled   Blue Spiral 2   Stained Glass   Cutout Collection
  Cutouts 1   Cutouts 4   Lichen   Glyph   Artifact
  South Beach 4   Through Palm Branches   Forsythia   Earth   Blues
  Gifs from the Sea   Untitled   Uncovering   Jazz 2   White Spiral
  Untitled   Deep Purple   Adrift   Trapped in a Mirror   Geometries
  Cobweb   Brown Spiral   Creamy Spiral   Purple Spiral   Broken Frame
  Framed 3   Flowing Abstract 5   Flowing Abstract 2   Progression   Portal 4
  Behind the Wall   Yet Another Spiral   Untitled   Lifeline 5   Male Rain 1
  Hope   Lifeline 1   Scribbles 1   Camouflage   Arabesque
  Flotsam   Spiral in Glass   Fireflies   Negative Space   Untitled
  Untitled   Untitled   Untitled   Obsidian Mystery   Dark Spiral
  Blue Spiral 1   Geometry 1   Lost in Space   Botanical   Leaf
  Bright Spiral   Gurney's Retreat   Cliff City   Inward   Tunnel's End
  Caged   Delicacy   Zephyros   Secret Life   Resonance
  Oestera   Urn   Vision   Mesmer   Jungle Gym
  Skylight   Antique   Vinyl   Couble Spiral   Untitled
  Untitled   Arachnid Sign   Untitled   Celestial Construction 2   Cottage Windows
  Celestial Contstruction 6  Unearthed   Line Dance   Imagining Spring  Contemplation

I did these pieces using UltraFractal

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